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More than 500 nonnative species have been observed in Florida. Not all nonnative species present a threat to native species, but some of these invaders causing harm to native species, posing a threat to human health and safety, or causing economic damage.
Burmese Pythons - Stock Footage (including Slow Motion) ------------------------------ ------------------last updated - Aprl 2013
Burmese pythons are large constrictors that can grow to 26 ft. in length. They are native to Southeast Asia and have been reported in South Florida since the 1980s. These giant pythons have established breeding populations in Florida today. Their eggs and their young are eaten by a variety of animals but when the snakes reach lengths of over 8 feet they become a top predator, feeding on many large animals including american alligators...
Rock Pythons - HD Stock Footage (including Slow Motion) ------------------------------ ------------------last updated - May2013
The rock python is Africa's largest snake, specimens may approach or exceed 6 m (20 ft) can be found today in South Florida next to the notorious Burmese Python. The African rock python kills its prey by constriction and often eats animals up to the size of antelope, occasionally even crocodiles. The snake reproduces by egg-laying. Unlike most snakes, the female will protect her nest and sometimes even her hatchlings...
Black Throat Monitor - Stock Footage --------------------------------------------------------------------------last updated - Jan 2013
Many invasive lizard species have established breeding populations in Florida, such as the Nile Monitor, that can grow to over 7 ft. in length. These large carnivorous species feed not just on bird and reptile eggs (including crocodilians and sea turtles) but they prey upon smaller mammals, birds, frogs, lizards, snakes and fish...
Black & White Tegu - Stock Footage ----------------------------------------------------------------------------last updated - June 2012
Tegus are an invasive lizard species which reproduces quickly and eats a wide variety of food items, including small animals and eggs of many wildlife species. Tegus are from South America and came to the US through the pet trade and with an established breeding populations throughout Florida...
New: Wild Pigs- Stock Footage --------------------------------------------------------------------------------last updated - March 2013
Feral Pigs were introduced in Florida in 1539 and they've been tearing up the ecosystem ever since. These wild pigs have a voracious appetite and will feed on almost anything, from plants to animal including venomous snakes.
Marine Toad - Stock Footage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------last updated - June 2012
The Marine Toad (aka Cane Toad) is not just another invasive species found in Florida. These giant toads are a highly predacious exotic species that will eat all types of native frogs, toads, young mammals and ground nesting birds. Their skin secretes a poison that kills not just many dogs and cats each year, but also alligators and even the endangered American Crocodile, which prey occasionally on these large venomous toads. The giant toad was originally released in the U.S. in sugar cane fields to help control “white grubs,” larvae of pest Scarabaeidae.
Lionfish - Stock Footage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------last updated - July 2012
Lionfish are an invasive species that threatens not just Florida’s saltwater fish and wildlife. They prey on native fish and crustations, reducing native populations. Lionfish also compete for food with native predatory fish such as grouper and snapper. They have venomous spines but stings are rarely fatal.
New: Brazilian Fire Ants - HD Stock Footage (including Slow Motion)------------------------------------last updated - April 2013
Brazilian Fire Ants are an invasive species in Florida, feeding on many animals such as insects, lizards and even mammals...

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