American Alligators - Feeding Behavior------------------------ -----------------------------------------------<< Back to Alligators

American Alligators - Feeding on Raccoon - HD Stock Footage ----------------------------------------------------------------Posted on Dec. 2012

American Alligator feeding on a dead accoon...

American Alligator Attacks Burmese Python - HD Stock Footage-----------------------------------------------------------------Posted Oct. 2013

American Alligator attacks and trying to kill a large Burmese Python near Everglades...

American Alligators - Feeding on Burmese Python - HD Stock Footage -------------------------------------------------------Posted Oct. 2011 

American Alligator feeding on a dead Burmese Python with a dead Alligator protruding from its stomach...

American Alligators - Feeding on Fish - HD Stock Footage
Feeding Fish 2010 - 01 

American Alligator feeding on fish ...

American Alligators - Feeding on Turtles - HD Stock Footage
Feeding Turtles 2010 - 01

American Alligator feeding on turtles - turtles escapes alligator attack ...

American Alligators - Feeding on Rats, Pythons & other Prey - HD Stock Footage
Feeding on Rats, Pythons and other Prey 2010 - 01

American Alligator feeding on rats, pythons and other prey ...



American Alligators - Feeding Behavior of Alligator Crowds - HD Stock Footage
Feeding Alligator Crowds 2010 - 01

American Alligator - feeding behavior of alligator crowds ..

American Alligators - Other Feeding Behavior - HD Stock Footage
Searching for food 2010 - 01

American Alligator searching the ground for food, digging in mud ...




American Alligators eat fish, birds, turtles, snakes, mammals, and amphibians. Hatchlings are restricted to smaller prey items like invertebrates. Insects and larvae, snails, spiders, and worms make-up a big portion of a hatchling's diet. They will also eat small fish at any opportunity. As they grow, they gradually move onto larger fish, mollusks, frogs and small mammals like rats, and mice. Some adult alligators take a larger variety of prey ranging from a snake or turtle to a bird and moderate sized mammals like a raccoon or deer.

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